About Costas Chari

As a registered clinical dietitian, Costas has always emphasized that nutrition is the foundation of our health and wellbeing.  Trying to remind patients that health is a journey that starts from within, Costas devoted his life in trying to teach what’s important when it comes to food and proper dieting. Recommendations such as excessive calorie counting, food restrictions and encouraging unrealistic diets is a ‘No’ from him, as his goal is always to develop a healthy, mindful relationship with food.


Costas’ extensive experience stems from his two esteemed degrees, both acclaimed from prestigious UK Universities. He received his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Surrey and continued with a second Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of Hertfordshire.

BDA Pediatric certified in ‘Dietetic Management of Inherited Metabolic Disorders’ and in ‘Nutrition and Dietetics in Infancy and Childhood’.

He was the Head Team Nutritionist of AEL Women’s Volleyball and Apollon Limassol FC. While being at Apollon Limassol FC, the team won two Cyprus Cups and was twice qualified to the Europa League group stage.


Step 1

Record of medical and nutritional history

Obtain client history and collect information. Establish a trusting relationship.

Step 2

Anthropometric Measurements

Measurement of fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration levels and visceral fat.

Step 3

Set Common Goals

We set our common goals, depending on the collected data.

Step 4

Formulation of a Diet Plan

We formulate an individualized program according to the needs of the individual.

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